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hydration IV Therapy

Pure Hydration Therapy

Rehydrate your cells and body from the inside out with 1 Liter of pure hydration.

performance iv therapy

Performance IV Therapy

Increase your endurance, strength, and recovery faster all while staying energized.

Long Lake, MN Mobile IV Therapy

Immunity IV Therapy

Boost your immune system, fight colds fast.

NAD+ IV Drip

NAD+ IV Therapy

Activate your brain's neuron function with our Nad+ Therapy drip.

Anti-Aging IV therapy

Beauty IV Therapy

Beauty IV therapy loaded with NAD+ and biotin.

Anti-Aging IV Therapy

Anti-Aging IV Therapy

Our Anti-Aging therapy is loaded with antioxidants to rejuvenate you.

Long Lake, MN Migraine Pain Relief

Migraine IV Therapy

Our Migraine Drip will provide instant relief for migraines and headaches.

Long Lake, MN Hangover IV Drip Therapy

Hangover IV Therapy

Alleviate hangover symptoms with our exclusive Hangover Drip.

weight loss iv therapy

Weight Loss IV Therapy

Activate your body's Thermogenesis and accelerate your fat burning.

Myers IV Therapy

Myers IV Therapy

Our Myers IV Therapy is one of patients favorite IV's. Loaded with vitamins, aminos, and minerals!

Long Lake, MN Immunity IV Infusion Therapy

Mega Immunity IV Therapy

This is our top selling IV liquid hydration IV treatment in Long Lake, MN. This is the perfect therapy to alleviate symptoms of the common cold and flu!

Custom Gift Cards

Purchase and send a gift card to your family, friends, or co-workers as a thank you, holiday gift, or present.

IM Shots

IV Add Ons

Contact us to schedule your appointment for hydration multipliers in the Long Lake, MN area or to learn about liquid hydration IV treatments.